MIMIMISHKI Double Mask (Green)


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Size: 50 g



Name: Face mask 2 in 1 Pre-makeup & Post-makeup I’m Green

With what: Mango juice and Shea butter/ Kiwi extract and Papay Juice

Effect: Moisturize your skin before applying makeup / Skin repair after makeup removal
Your favorite mask 2 in 1! Super Milk Essence prepares your skin for makeup and after removing it gives super hydration

with Mango and Shea

Don’t you feel ok without makeup? Primer mask PRE-MAKEUP is all you need then! The mask works effectively because of the micro-emulsion base of natural non-comedogenic oils nourishing and moisturizing the skin and the smallest multi-reflective pearls illuminating the skin, smoothing its texture and tone. Due to the ability of emulsion ingredients to retain moisture into the skin mask gives it a comfort feeling that doesn’t leave you during the whole day. Your result is beautiful, well -cared skin and long-lasting makeup without clogged pores.

with Kiwi and Papaya

Women will appreciate the advantages of saver-mask POST-MAKEUP! Many ladies wear makeup more than 8 hours a day what often leads to unpleasant consequences: the skin becomes dry and ages much faster. That’s why proper evening skincare ritual is so important. Due to the optimal combination of the properties of natural extracts of tropical fruits forming the basis of this mask , it performs three different functions: cleanses, nourishes and relaxes the skin. Mixing several evening-care products in one facial mask we give you extra-time for your hobbies and a great result to enjoy your beautiful skin.

How to use

PRE-MAKEUP primer mask:
1. Cleanse your face
2. Apply mask to face for 5 minutes
3. Remove mask and rinse with water. Your skin is ready for makeup more than ever!

1. Remove makeup and cleanse your face
2. Apply mask to face for 15 minutes
3. Remove mask, and rinse with water


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