Eye patches THURSDAY


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Size: 2.5 g



Name: Hydrogel eye patches after playing sports Active Thursday

With what: Panthenol and Blueberry Extract

Effect: Hydration / Antistress

Fitness Diva Effect will remove even the most expressive bags under the eyes. Street Designed, wear at home at work, at a party – everywhere. After all the patches will remain exactly on the area of the skin where you applied them! By the way the application time is not limited. They will bring the desired effect even if you do not remove them 24 hours !!
Go to the gym! Your body should be rounded and expressive, not bags under the eyes! Agree? Then use hydrogel eye patches ACTIVE THURSDAY. With them your skin around the eyes becomes toned, smooth and radiant. Blueberry extract gives freshness, fights against dark circles and age spots, while Panthenol relieves puffiness, soothes and moisturizes the skin.

How to use

Place patches around the eyes with a sharp tip to the bridge of the nose. Take them off after 20-30 minutes.


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