Eye patches SATURDAY


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Size: 2.36 g



Name: Hydrogel eye patches before a date Romantic Saturday

With what: Vitamin B3 and and Mandarin Extract

Effect: Recovery / Complex care

Heartbreak Effect for the most fateful looks.Design Street wear at home at work at a party – everywhere. After all the patches will remain exactly on the area of the skin where you applied them! By the way the application time is not limited. They will bring the desired effect even if you do not remove them 24 hours !!
Saturday is a time for romantic dates and shooting eyes! And dark circles and bags under the eyes are illegal! Hydrogel patches for eyes ROMANTIC SATURDAY will help to set 100% sharpness of the look and appearance. They contain a tandem of natural components: Tangerine extract tones and moisturizing, fights against dark circles around the eyes, Vitamin B3 softens the skin, nourishes it and promotes regeneration.

How to use

Place patches around the eyes with a sharp tip to the bridge of the nose. Take them off after 20-30 minutes.


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